myWiFi123 offers all this


No Contract, No Hooks.

100% trasparency.


Nationwide average speeds of 25 gbps downloads. 
4G and 5G coverage


Your device will arrive activated and ready to use. Turn it on, put in password and start surfing!

FREE Equipment

No Equipment Fees.  Freeto use for as long as you have service.

CONNECT Multiple Devices

With our routers, you can connect up to 32 devices.  Connect your phone, tablet, TV, laptop, doorbell, roomba, gameboy.  You get the picture.

No Contract & No Credit Check

No commitment.  Prepaid month to month service. Upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel anytime.

Major Network Carriers

We use the same nationwide cellular networks to provide the strongest signal in your area.


Works nationwide, Puerto Rico and Alaska! 

Take it to work. Take it camping. Take it to Gran’ma’s for the weekend.  

Same price for Home or Business

Great for home, rv or your small business.  Same low price, no matter where you use it. 


Best for 5g

Newest and best device for 5G networks.  

Home / Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you have coverage?

We use the top nationwide networks which has coverage all over the USA including Alaska and Puerto Rico. 

Is this real internet and wi-fi?

Yes, our service is the perfect choice for fast and affordable home internet, plus, it can be used on the go as a portable hotspot device to ensure you have high-speed internet connection wherever you are. It’s perfect for home internet, streaming, video games, uploading, downloading, working from home, and any other wireless needs! It’s especially useful in rural areas across America. 

Is the set-up process simple?

Yes! Your device(s) will arrive to you already activated. All you need to do is turn the device on and it will automatically connect to the plan you selected at your initial checkout. You may reach out to us at any time for assistance by visiting our helpcenter.

Can I upgrade or change my plan?

Yes, if at any time you would like to upgrade or downgrade your plan please visit our helpcenter an agent will handle your request.

Do I own the LTE equipment?

No, customers do not own wireless, LTE  portable wireless router. If you choose to cancel your service, you will be required to return your router us in order to avoid being charged a device fee.

You will own the nexpro 6 if it is purchased. 

See our full return policy here, which includes a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your service and send you router back.

How does the device work and what networks do you use?

We’ve partnered with proprietary technology partners to  bring customers a device that provides the best coverage nationwide. We’ve combined that with our affordable data plans across the top networks to ensure our users have access to high-speed and high-bandwidth internet both at home and on the go!

What is your refund policy?

We offer refunds on your data plan purchase within the first 7 calendar days of your router being delivered to your shipping address. LTE Routers and portable wireless routers are not subject to the refund policy as they are not charged for upon checkout. In the event you do not return the LTE Router and/or portable wireless router or return it in damaged condition, a device fee will be charged. Please see our full return policy for more information. If the router is determined by our warehouse inspection team to be damaged or is missing parts, you will not be eligible for a refund.

There will be no refunds if you request cancellation of your data plan outside of the first 7 calendar days of receiving your device in the mail. If you’d like to cancel prior to the start of a new billing cycle, and avoid being charged for the upcoming cycle, you must submit your cancellation request at least 5 business days prior to your new cycle start date.

See our full return policy here, which includes a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your your service.

How does your monthly billing work?

Our plan prices are straightforward with no hidden fees. We include the device for free in your initial plan purchase. Monthly payments are then made on the first of ever month.  

What happens if I go over my data limit?

If you go over your allotted data amount, your service will slow or you may stop receiving data services until your next cycle begins.

You can choose to upgrade to a larger GB plan mid-cycle in order to receive additional data. 

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Why Choose myWi-Fi

No Bait and switch

Unlike other providers that offer high-speed data that turns into slow dial-up after 200 or 300 GB.

Connect over 20 devices

Plug & Play Installation

Real Human Support

Via text, email and on the phone

Risk Free + 7 day refund policy.

That simple.  If it does not work, your money back.

NO Contract. 

NO Credit Check

NO Hidden Fees

Month to Month

Coverage in USA including Alaska and Puerto Rico

Free Shipping